Friday, December 3, 2010

Alex from Spain

Hi Bruno,

I just want to thank you for everything. I am now cancer free as of about a week
. Curasol worked perfectly just as you said.,on the superficial cancer and was
of course easier and less painful to apply.

The whole process took 6 and a half months because there was always some new
area reacting and opening up as a result of being close to curaderm.
Unbelievable how loaded I was. I hate to think what that would have meant had I
gone the conventional quack route.  I probably would have ended up looking like
the head operated man in Dr. Bill´s book.

I hope to keep in touch and you have another devoted friend in Spain should you
or Dr Bill  ever visit.

Please give my kindest regard to Dr Bill who deserves the Nobel prize  for


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rick McAllister ( USA)

Early in the year I sent for 2 Containers of Curaderm Bec 5 so that I could treat a Basel cell carcinoma that been removed with surgery at my local hospital. The operation left me with a Keloid scar that kept itching all the time, my Doctor said not to worry about it but it was very uncomfortable. It was then I sent off to you for the Curaderm cream, and it worked a treat the itching has gone now, and, I'm pleased t tell you that my life is much better now, and I thank you for your help with the information you gave me.

Many thanks again, Yours sincerely Rick McAllister.

Barbara Christina Conrad (USA)

Glad to hear your wonderful product is back on the available list. Will recommend it to my friends. My nose healed up very nicely. Just a tiny scar that only I can see. I am saving the rest of the tube in the refrigerator. Where would I be without you, probably not going dancing and looking pretty anymore. Dankeschoen, Muchas Gracias. Christina

David John USA

Having previously suffered a lesion at the site of an old smallpox inoculation, initially diagnosed as S.C.C. then B.C.C. which was removed surgically I developed another lesion on my forehead just on the hair line. Not wanting to consult the medical profession for a number of reasons I tried Curaderm as instructed. The treatment lasted for 2-3 weeks and the lesion was completely healed, all that was left was a slight reddening of the skin. I am obviously extremely pleased with the result and thank you for your help and advice. 

David John

T.W. Alabama

I had numerous sunspots on my hands and arms.  So far, I have treated sixteen spots.  They are all completely healed except for four.  Those four are almost gone as well.  During treatment the spots did look really nasty.   But now, you cannot, at all, tell where the healed sunspots were and there is NO scaring.  I am amazed with your product and would recommend it to those who have sunspots. 

John P Tunney

Dear Dr. Cham,
     It should be considered a crime for the FDA to keep pushing those barbaric and ancient skin cancer treatments on the public, especially when Curaderm BEC exists.  You are a genius and a saint.  This cure has changed my life, not only for treating my BCC better than I had imagined, but for putting me back in touch with myself.  I had grown accustomed to following the herd.  Curaderm has taught me, once again, to think outside the box, and seek the truth that is best for me as an individual.  Your cure is a breakthrough of such magnitude.  The people who I have told this story to do not believe me!  I thank you for this product and extend my sincerest gratitude to you.  Everyone I come in contact with on this topic will know of Curaderm BEC.  Thanks again from the USA.
John P Tunney

Richard Adams

Bruno; I think the stuff works fantastic!. My dermitologist won't talk to me any more since I didn't spend $1000 for his surgery, but hey, that's life. Thanks, Richard Adams